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Our company has been present in the Venice fruit and vegetable market since 1957, it is located on the coast, in Cavallino-Treporti; an area which is highly suited to the production of vegetables. Since 1999 the company has specialised in the production of organic aromatic plants and it has obtained the organic certification from ICEA (Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification), subsequently increasing its aromatic plants products. All our products are supplied all year round, because they are cultivated with innovative methods, which have allowed us to become one of the most advanced companies in the area.


All the products are obtained in a controlled environment and thanks to a cultivation method called N.F.T. (Nutrient Fertilizes Technique). The products are grown out of the soil, which allows us to streamline the fertilisation with mineral and/or organic products, as specified in regulations for organic production. The company is also characterised by the use of environmentally friendly cultivation techniques, which consist in the use of organisms that are useful to control the main phytophagous parasites.

Most of the productions are grown in a protected environment, where the atmospheric pollution is almost non-existent. The organoleptic qualities of the vegetables, which are grown as a result of these systems, are further exalted by the peculiar climatic and soil conditions of the Cavallino-Treporti coast.



Homemade preserves and jams made in the Cavallino-Treporti coastline (Venice)

“Le Delizie del Parco” is a range of preserves that includes vegetables in oil, vegetables in vinegar and jams handcrafted by the farm Azienda Agricola Valleri Stefano, realised according to tradition and with typical products of the Venetian coastline.

All our products have no preservatives.

“Le Delizie del Parco” offer you the typical and locally grown vegetables and fruit. Typical because these preserves are part of our culinary tradition. Local because both fruit and vegetables come from our unique and amazing land and from the short chain.



A new concept of snack

Our Veggy Snacks are the result of the cold dehydration of vegetables, this method allows to preserve the nutritional properties of fresh poducts and to enhance the taste because they lose 95% of water. This also makes it possible to maintain the aroma almost unaltered, colouring and structure of the product without adding oils, fats or preservatives.

We use only top quality Italian vegetables to obtain the highest quality of the product, to preserve the taste and to offer really intense flavours and aromas.

This new form of vegetables allows to consume about two of the five daily portions of fruit and vegetables, which are recommended by the World Health Organization, even if you are away, only with a pack of Veggy Snack, since the corresponding weight of fresh product varies from 150g to 300g depending on the product.

VeggySnacks are ideal for a ideal for a quick, tasty and healthy break anywhere: in the office, at the gym, at the park, during your journeys, they are also excellent as a snack for children, who will discover a more inviting way to taste the vegetables and to gain their benefits. Veggy Snack suits everybody: adults, children, athletes, elderly people. The coupled film packaging protects the product from sunlight and allows to consume it in a practical way.

We offer 7 products: pumpkin, courgettes with chives, tomatoes with basil, red turnips “erbette”, assorted peppers, red onion and carrots.

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